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Coupon is valid on hardware only and is good only for a 1 time use per customer. Select Autoship at checkout. No coupons necessary.

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Additional discount will be applied on bulk orders. Coupon code can not be applied to items already on sale. Coupon expired on October 20, First time customers. Limited to first time customers only. Create an account at vusevapor. Everyone has different tastes, and people vape different amounts, so the liquids also contain varying levels of nicotine from 2. That seems much more like it. They are safer and cheaper, especially when you implement our promo codes for Green Smoke products.

For those who are either unaware of what e-cigarettes consist of, these typically consist of a battery, a cartridge of some sort that holds flavored juice made from USDA-approved food additives and a heating element to heat the juice.

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Some juices contain nicotine, while others do not, but regardless of nicotine content the juice is heated up until it forms a vapor. Whether vaping indoors or outdoors, the vapor dissipates eventually and does not leave a lingering stench. With the basic understanding of what sets e-cigarettes apart from conventional cigarettes, one might wonder what sets one e-cig apart from the others. At the gas station, there are a variety of low-priced e-cigarettes with many different names. Green Smoke coupon codes cannot be used at places like gas stations.

Often the gas station varieties of e-cigs are completely disposable.

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While Green Smoke comes with a battery that detaches from the cartridge allowing it to recharge, gas station brands are typically single use. The rechargeable battery will save money and help protect the environment from as many dead batteries thrown into the landfill. Much the same as the battery being rechargeable, the cartridges are also able to be replaced. That provides consumers the option to change flavors, as well as nicotine levels to help the heavy smoker move away from higher nicotine content over time.

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Many of the other brands of e-cigs that people have heard of all have different looks to them. Although a little heavier, as the components are reusable, Green Smoke e-cigs also hold the same shape as old school smokes.

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  • Following the same desire to provide consumers with options, the carrying cases also come in more than just the standard look. Other brands do provide coupon codes , but the GreenSmoke. The juices inside the cartridges are one of the main attractions to e-cigarettes.

    Pro-Smokes Voucher Codes August get 10% Off Pro-Smokes Discount Code & Deals

    While the cigarettes most have come to know and despise come in one general flavor and smell, their electronic counterparts come in more choices than plain old smoke. Although they do not smell to other people like smoke, Green Smoke does provide 3 tobacco flavors, meant to taste like tobacco produced in different regions and cured by different methods. You are also able to save money with the right coupons from Green Smoke.

    Pro Smoke E Cig Review - Electronic Cigarette Reviews

    Of course, not everyone cares for the taste of tobacco anymore, so for those individuals there has been a menthol option, and the company has recently begun releasing newer tastes to add one more way to enjoy vapor. As for the nicotine content, not all juices are created equal and that was intentional. Green Smoke serves as a method for people who want an alternative to smoking. The highest level is 2. The next options down are 1.

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